International Affair Office, CMRU organized International Student Orientation 2018

 On August 14, 2018, International Affairs Office, CMRU organized the International Student Orientation 2018 at Euang Sai Song Saeng Meeting Room. This event aimed to welcome new international students and provide essential information about student services available at various departments in CMRU. The event also became a platform for new students to know each other, exchange ideas, and make friends with students from other countries.

Asst. Prof. Dr.Pathamarat  Nakatanon, Vice President of CMRU presided over the opening ceremony and gave a welcome speech to the students. The activities in the event included the introduction of lecturers and staff from IAO, along with lecturers from International College. The information sessions were about university life as international students at CMRU, VISA extensions, health insurance, and international activities. There are 32 international students attended the International Student Orientation 2018 from China and Japan.


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